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Новая теория. Ирэн - Мориарти))))
А прикольная теория
роковые женщины Ирэн как Мориарти и Мэри как Моран против Шерлока и Джона))

There are a variety of reasons I think this is crack and not likely to happen, but here’s my favorite theory: Irene is the new Moriarty.

Irene, not Moriary, set the emotional stage for Reichenbach. She was the one who manipulated John and Sherlock’s relationship (albeit perhaps on Moriarty’s behalf—it was certainly on her own as well). Irene, not Moriarty, triggered the emotional regression in Sherlock that made him think leaving John behind was a good idea. Irene, not Moriarty, showed Sherlock how one fakes one’s death—and how John thinks one ought to react on his loved one’s miraculous return. Irene, not Moriarty, gave John his fear and his belief that Sherlock was naturally emotionally unavailable. Without Irene, there would have been no Reichenbach, no Mary, no baby, no bullet wound, no vulnerability to Magnussen. [Note: I read Irene as having deliberately sabotaged John and Sherlock’s relationship to make Sherlock vulnerable to her manipulation. I don’t think her motivations make sense in ASiB without this.]

I’ve written about this before (at length), but TGG and ASiB are actually mirroring episodes. Both Irene and Moriarty have variations on the quote “give him a puzzle and watch him dance” applied to them. Both Irene and Moriarty attempt to seduce Sherlock in “disguise” (Irene’s disguise is a relatively simple dominatrix who got greedy but had no long-term plans). Both Irene and Moriarty tease Sherlock with a special phone. Both Irene and Moriarty live to torment Sherlock and John another day.

Further points in favor:

• We know nothing about how Irene has survived since ASiB aside from Sherlock rescuing her from terrorists one time. She’d have needed to start a new life, and it’s unlikely to have been a simple one, but she lost all her physical assets because of Sherlock.
• A transfer of villainy from Jim Moriarty to Irene—especially if it involves a final favor to Moriarty—would almost exactly mirror the TGG–ASiB transition.
• Moriarty never needed to be particularly skilled at any individual thing, merely ruthless and good at manipulating people who have the skills and access he needs. Irene has exactly the same skill set.
• Irene is the only living villain who’s demonstrated a propensity for the long game. (Mary is “short-sighted.”)
• Irene is an opportunist who collects useful information. There’s no other character we’ve been introduced to thus far (besides Mycroft) who has the means and the skill to take over Moriarty’s remaining web.
• A completely new character to take over Moriarty’s role doesn’t actually make sense at this point in Sherlock’s arc. (Any major twists in his arc post-HLV should have been foreshadowed.)
• Irene has the motivation to want Sherlock back from Eastern Europe, even if it’s just to properly win her game or exact revenge.
• Like Sherlock, Irene has an ego and will act in self-destructive ways to protect it. Where Sherlock does deduction, Irene does seduction. She enjoys taking Sherlock off of John in ASiB, and vice versa.
• Sherlock makes a subconscious connection between Irene and Moriarty in TAB when Moriarty says “dead is the new sexy.” Further, Sherlock consistently avoids thinking about her for long when in his mind palace.
• She’s a ghost of Sherlock’s past, something he lied to John about, and her return would be a “consequence” of actions we actually saw him take.
• It would be a narrative reason to revisit ASiB in relative detail, thus clarifying her role in dividing John and Sherlock as well as Sherlock’s lack of feelings for her.
• The Mycroft-as-reluctant-pawn theory could be combined with Irene-as-new-Moriarty, e.g…
• Magnussen had a mind palace and arguably mirrors Irene strongly (double-standards may apply, however). Magnussen had a mind palace. If Irene had a mind palace or equivalent, she may have memorized things she could use against Mycroft. Magnussen the ruthless sexually predatory blackmailer was compared to a shark, thus Irene could also be a shark to further the metaphor.
• It would also have been foreshadowed by the end of ASiB.
• TGG had a possible reference to Irene with the “Bohemian stationery” with Sherlock’s name written on the envelope by an unidentified woman.
• It would connect all the points in John’s arc. Even ASiP would be included with the cabbie’s “more than a man” comment about Moriarty.
• Sherlock’s crisis (HLV) ends with the reveal that his nemesis is “alive.” If Irene is the new Moriarty, John’s crisis (4x03) could end with the reveal that John’s nemesis is alive.
Femme fatale Moriarty(Irene) and Moran(Mary) vs Sherlock and John. The symmetry would be complete.

Imagine Irene showing up in 4x03 while John and Sherlock are physically separated. “Oh, you think he loves you? He saved me and lied to you about it. I could snap my fingers and he’d come running.”

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